About Us

Intelligent Property Services is a specialist residential property advisory firm that stands out in the marketplace due to its unique end-to-end approach to building and optimising the performance of its clients’ investment property portfolios – ensuring they benefit from a structured methodology of strategic property-related financial advice, something that is otherwise rarely accessible in the financial advice arena.

Unlike traditional buyers’ agency and property management businesses, IPS aims to deliver a superior level of service to its clients by way of personalised professional advice at each stage of the property investment cycle. This comprehensive approach assists clients to increase their wealth over time, optimise their investment portfolios and ensure that their valuable properties are managed to the highest of standards.

The team at IPS boasts decades of industry experience across a range of industries such as property, finance, development and construction, in addition to financial planning and risk management, so you can rest assured that we know property.

IPS’ ethos is advice that puts you first to prioritise your interests and consistently offer the best advice regarding both your personal and property investment objectives.