Buyers Advocacy The right property at the right price

The full property search is designed to be an end-to-end process wherein we find the most suitable property that fulfils the specified brief. Our aim is to secure the best possible property for the best possible price. Our wealth of experience and expert research model allows us to locate properties that are more likely to outperform the surrounding market, whilst remaining suited to your budget and goals.

Some of the key aspects of this service include:

More Properties
Gain access to more properties as we leverage our industry contacts to uncover pre-market and off-market or ‘silent listings’. Our research team also assesses all listed properties for relevance and suitability.

Our experience ensures that you gain advantage over other buyers.

Research and Pricing
Our thorough pricing reports allow us to negotiate the sale of the property and not exceed market value. We also analyse the recent market performance of the local area and comment on relevant sales in order to provide you with valuable market insight.

Due Diligence
We conduct all relevant due diligence including the coordination and review of additional expert reports (e.g. pest/ building and strata inspections) and the review of contracts.

Negotiate/Attend Auction
We formulate a negotiation/bidding strategy based on prevailing market conditions, the specific circumstances of the subject property and will attend and bid at auction on your behalf.

We consider purchasing property to be a “process” as opposed to a “one-off transaction” and invite you to participate in the entire process as much or as little as you desire.

Saving you the time, stress and money
Invariably involved in trying to secure a premium investment property.

Enjoy peace of mind when securing your premium investment property or family home with IPS.

Tailored Services to meet your needs
IPS has a range of packages that are designed to meet the needs and budgets of our clients. For more information on each service select one of the below:
Pre-Purchase Advice
Full Search and Acquisition
Appraise and Negotiate
Due Diligence Reports
Auction Attendance