Finance Strategy Solutions, not products

Where required, IPS is able to provide sound professional advice in relation to your specific finance requirements. Simply seeking the lowest possible rate is a common pitfall. Rather, it is critical to think ahead when considering your finance strategy and the most suitable loan facility, the latter of which can save you significant interest and costs, mitigate risk and help you reduce debt or accelerate the growth of your portfolio.

At this stage, IPS is completely impartial – our aim is to obtain the best outcome from our panel of trusted lending affiliates.

We can help by:

  • Selecting finance options to build your portfolio over time
  • Reviewing your current credit profile
  • Introducing and comparing the best marketplace products
  • Discussing the finance process and anticipated time frames
  • Reviewing your loans to ensure that they match your goals and strategy
      Whether for investment, home purchase or refinancing, IPS can facilitate clearer understanding of your goals and provide you with options to help you make better decisions, reduce overall risk and achieve greater results.