Full Search and Acquisition

We consider purchasing property to be a “process” as opposed to a “one-off transaction”.  In seeking to acquire your next asset – whether an investment or your own home – the difference in the long term of getting all steps of the process right can be tremendous. What sets us apart from everyone else is that we guide you through each & every step of the process from start to finish.

Our full property search is designed to be an end-to-end process wherein we source, identify and acquire the most suitable property that fulfils your specified brief once your budget, profile and goals have been established.

In short, IPS aims to gain a full understanding of your property needs and shape the parameters of its property search based on an agreed brief with well-defined criteria. This enables us to help leverage your time and avoid months of misguided searches. We will also provide you with local knowledge and independent market intelligence throughout the purchase process.

To assist, our skilled Buyers’ Agents will work alongside you to ensure that each step is completed without bias or agenda, and that your best interests are being represented.

IPS will carefully guide you through sourcing, selecting and acquiring the most suitable properties, and keep you informed along the way.

A breakdown of this service is as follows:

  • Establish a client strategy and implement the purchase brief
  • Review real estate agents and their current/forthcoming listings
  • Establish silent listings and off-market properties
  • Conduct inspections and produce weekly client update reports
  • Provide a detailed pricing appraisal/due diligence report for each property
  • Complete a cash flow analysis
  • Explore renovation and improvement potential
  • Arrange and interpret pest and building/strata reports
  • Negotiate with real estate agents, assist in formulating an auction strategy, attend the auction and bid/negotiate on your behalf
  • Contact solicitors and oversee the contract review process
  • Liaise with you throughout the settlement process
  • Assess the property’s rental prospects and screen prospective tenants during the pre-settlement phase
  • Ongoing support and performance reviews of the asset