Portfolio Review Assessing and enhancing your portfolio

Keeping up-to-date with the performance of your portfolio is extremely important. The portfolio review process enables you to assess its current value, or net property position, and highlight measures which could enhance its growth or cash flow.

The portfolio review investigates:

  • equity in the family home and any investment properties
  • recent historical growth of the property and surrounding area
  • current estimated market value of each asset in your portfolio
  • current rental income of each property relative to the market
  • recent comparable sales in the immediate area
  • strategies to increase cashflow (rent, finance, tax, etc)
  • understanding “full potential” profitability for each of your properties
  • unlocking hidden value by finding ways to optimise existing properties through renovation/redevelopment
  • identify opportunities to decrease outgoing costs (renovation/development, strata etc) and save you money
  • inclusion of any relevant market commentary and prevailing trends across the wider market
  • the relationship between your goals and objectives in context of the performance of your property portfolio

The portfolio review is a worthwhile process before considering your next acquisition or divestment.