Pre-Purchase Advice

In order to get the most from any investment, the approach needs to be carefully planned. From the outset we help match your expectations with your investment goals and budget ensuring that we take into account all elements that are important to you, your family and your overall wealth creation strategy. At this stage we can also help develop the structure and finance approach required to help achieve a successful outcome.

We set you in the right direction by providing a report and discussion surrounding:

–          Your individual goals, preferences and budget
–          The locations and property examples best suited to your personal situation
–          Recent market data with clear explanations.
–          Recently traded examples to help aid in your future decision making process.
–          Identify gross and net cash flow estimates for peace of mind.
–          Identifying your risk profile.
–          The most suitable structure and finance arrangement (if required).

Following this collaborative approach we are able to produce your personalised Purchase Brief which formulates the basis for your property acquisition.