There is nothing like firsthand experience in being able to deliver on the expectations of our clients. At IPS, our property management team are more than just property managers – we’re property investors ourselves. Traditional property management is largely ‘reactive’, simply providing landlords with an administration service.

At IPS we don’t just manage your property, we care for your investment.

Collecting rent, coordinating maintenance matters and establishing lease terms are all part of the day to day property management process. But at IPS, we also focus on the areas that are typically not at the forefront of a property manager’s mind but are, nonetheless, areas that are critical in ensuring the creation of true wealth through property without any stress on your part. Improving your equity position and cash flow are what we consider essential functions of our service.

How we go over and above traditional property management service

We minimise vacancy periods

Our aim is to achieve three key objectives when implementing a rental campaign on your behalf;

1.         Minimise the vacancy period,
2.         Optimise the rental achieved and,
3.         Ensure the selection of the best possible tenant.

It’s vital to ensure that these three factors are adhered to in order to maximise your rental income. There’s no point holding out for an above-market rental value if it means your property is vacant for an extended period of time.

To ensure that we deliver on the above, IPS’s experienced property management team will provide you with weekly campaign reports including enquiry level, inspection reports, tenancy applications and any feedback and recommendations in relation to pricing.

A Senior Property Manager will be responsible for overseeing the letting process and will ensure that any vacancy is attended to immediately.

We provide structured rent reviews and lease renewals

By planning and structuring a rent review or lease renewal, we are able to optimise the point at which this occurs. By factoring in notice periods and market conditions, we ensure your rent is maintained at its highest possible level, thus improving cash flow to you.

We have industry-leading arrears management

Our rental collection process ensures prompt delivery of your rental income into your account exactly when you expect it, thus ensuring continuity of cash flow. Arrears control procedures begin from day one. All methods of arrears management are utilised to ensure rental payments are collected on time and in accordance with NSW Office of Fair Trading guidelines.

We can arrange a tax depreciation schedule

The Australian Taxation office allows property investors to claim a rental & investment property depreciation deduction related to the building and plant and equipment items contained within it. By engaging a professional to carry out a tax depreciation schedule we ensure the maximum deductions are realised and claimed (essentially reducing an owner’s taxable income).

We can arrange Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance protects you from risks caused by tenants that standard ‘Building, Home and Contents Insurance’ may not cover. At IPS we believe Landlord Insurance cover, together with the appropriate Building and Contents cover, is essential in providing you with peace of mind and helps ensure you are not out of pocket as a result of tenancy default or damage caused.

We carry out a performance review of your investment property

Tracking and assessing the performance of your investment against local and wider market conditions is critical to ensuring you’re achieving your desired investment objectives. The IPS team will consistently review the performance of your investment and work with you to ensure that the recommended strategy is, at all times, consistent with your wealth creation goals.

We provide you with 24/7 online access to statements

With IPS you can track the progress and performance of your investments from the comfort of your home. Our accounting system allows you to access payments, statements and other vital information. A statement itemising income and expenditure is sent to you monthly and, as part of our service to your, all outgoing expenses including council rates, water rates, strata levies and maintenance are paid on your behalf and itemized on an ‘End of Financial Year’ statement that we will prepare for your accountant.

If you are seeking further information on our property management services or would like a free rental appraisal, please contact us